Junk To Art Exhibition



“JUNK TO ART” – reusing or recycling items that may have been sent to the recycle centre, garbage dump or landfill.
Fashion a masterpiece by utilising a variety of techniques and bits and pieces – anything – into something fabulous, useful or attractive.
Create a treasure out of trash, repurpose or up-cycle garbage and in doing so learn to be creative with everyday items that are considered waste.

All mediums of art are encouraged, including sculptures, collages and murals, among others.
Art pieces shall not exceed 1 metre x 1 metre.
Guidelines –
• Entry is free and open to juniors and seniors living on the Fleurieu Peninsula and the art piece should be made by an individual.
• Junior age group 5-14 years and Seniors 14 years and over.
• 90% of the art must be from recyclable or non‐recyclable material collected from everyday life.
• Artwork may be any art medium such as sculptures, collages, murals, etc.
• All art pieces should not exceed a metre square.
Artwork should meet one or all the following :-
frame‐able, weather resistant, can stand‐alone, and movable by an individual.
• You may use anything you have on hand: paper tubes, cans, yarn, magazines, ice cream sticks, straws, plastic cups, rubber bands, boxes, etc.
• Please make sure there are no sharp edges and that there is no food residue.

No Entry Fee
Prize Money offered :–
Juniors 5-14Yrs         Seniors 14Yrs & Over
1st Prize $50.00       1st Prize $100.00
2nd Prize $25.00     2nd Prize $50.00
3rd Prize $10.00      3rd Prize $20.00